Today is December 3, 2016



The Philadelphia Section PGA Junior Tour ~ College Series, provides young Men and Women, ages 17 - 24 who are currently enrolled in post secondary education the opportunity to play in professionally-administered golf tournaments and contend against the best competition in the region.  The College Series follows the same geographic's as the Philadelphia Section PGA which covers Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, from Trenton – south, Delaware and parts of Northern Maryland.  A participant in the College Series does not need a residence within these boundaries to participate. 



The College Series hosts 6-10 tournaments per season at exclusive venues during the Summer while students are off from their Spring and Fall semesters and not competing on their College team. These events are affordable 1 day, 18 hole tournaments which serve as excellent preparation for future collegiate and amateur competitions.  We hope the College Series serves as an avenue for you to continue your competitive golfing career beyond junior golf and that you will take advantage of these playing opportunities.